Create your jigsaw puzzle to be framed
60, 100 or 250 pieces!



Assemble the puzzle and reconstruct your personalised photo


Fold the cardboard frame with a few simple steps and attach the puzzle without glue

componi il tuo puzzle personalizzato piega e monta la tua cornice myframemup monta la cornice del tuo puzzle cornice personalizzata MyframeMeUp appendi il tuo puzzle personalizzato My Frame me Up


Hang My Frame Me Up and add a unique touch to the home with your special moments!

regala puzzle personalizzato

Let's puzzle together
right now!

My Frame Me Up is the new way of enjoying your memories and making them extra special. It is a world of emotions and colours that deserves to be framed! Choose the photos of your favourite moments and turn them into original puzzles enhanced by a refined cardboard frame. Simply upload a photo and choose the piece size and your very own puzzle that can be put together and hung on the wall will be sent to your homeā€¦ so the magic moments in your life will always be with you.


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