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What should I do if I lose my game manual?

Please activate a ticket by clicking on the following link:

Recall [Clementoni Cars Disney Press and Go]

1.  What product is affected by this voluntary recall? 14392 Clementoni Press and Go Cars in the Disney Baby range. The voluntary recall is limited to batches # 20F19, 20K06 and 21B04.

2.  Are other products affected by this voluntary recall? No other products are affected by this voluntary recall.

3.  Where was this product sold? The item was sold at children’s stores and at other mass retailers nationwide.  

4.  In which countries has this product been sold? France, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Sweden, Slovakia.

5.  How many of this toy have you sold? Approximatively 38,000.

6.  Why is this product being recalled? The toys with the specified batch numbers do not meet our usual safety standards.  We have identified that the yellow light decoration on the front of the toys with the affected batch codes may detach and pose a choking hazard which could lead to suffocation. 

7.  How much does this product cost? RRP € 8,90

8.  How should customers return the product? Consumers should return the product directly to the store where they purchased it.

9.  Will customers get a full refund? Yes.

10. Can customers get an exchange instead of a refund? Unfortunately not, as the after sales service is set up for refunds only.

11. If customers do not have the receipt for this product, can they still get a refund? Yes, it is possible to request a refund in store by returning a Press and Go Car which displays one of the above-referenced batch codes on its base.

12. How did you become aware of the issue with this product? This was identified following investigation into a consumer complaint.  

13. Why didn’t Clementoni’s own initial testing identify this problem? The manufacturing issue was not identified in quality controls but became evident in following investigations.

14. How can you be sure that something like this does not happen again?  Sales of these products have been suspended and we are evaluating corrective actions to ensure we improve the manufacturing process. 

15. How can I be sure that this will not happen with other products? / Are other products hazardous? The affected product was subject to a specific manufacturing process and utilised a specific product mould. This issue does not affect other products.

16. Will you now destroy these products? Clementoni Spa will ensure that all affected products are disposed of appropriately.

What should I do if I have problem with some of game component or does no longer work?

After checking for the exact missing/broken component, please activate a ticket by clicking on the following link:

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