Creative Toys

Deco Design

COD. 18501
  • A kit full of accessories, for customising the style of your shoes and more!
  • Have fun while making up different styles and decorating the laces of your sneakers with fantastic wings, glamourous bows and colourful studs.
  • The kit also includes a trendy zip puller for backpacks or pencil cases.
  • Decorate plates and clips with glitter and little gemstones, create ankle bracelets with little chains and charms, to make your every step fashionable!


DIMENSIONS 6,00 x 29,00 x 22,50 cm
LANGUAGES Inglês (Grã-Bretanha),Italiano,Holandês,Polaco,Francês,Alemão,Espanhol (Castelhano)

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