Baby Toys

Baby Biliardino

COD. 17137
  • A 2 in 1 game that’s really fun!
  • It’s both a football-table and a rich electronic activity centre.
  • An educational talking companion to learn first letters and numbers, shapes, colours and new words in English and in Spanish.
  • It counts all the goals and communicates the score. The ball can be put back into play with the help of the character on the side or inserted in the stands. The players move just like on a real football-table and the flags move with every kick of the ball.
  • Equipped with plenty of mechanical and electronic activities, cheerful songs, fun nursery rhymes and lively sound effects.
  • Stimulates the development of manual skills and recognition of the relationship between cause and effect.


  • Visual Perception
  • Hearing Perception
  • Tactile Perception
  • Body Perception
  • Eye-hand Coordination
  • Identification
  • Imagination
  • Numbers
  • Language
  • Nature


DIMENSIONS 19,00 x 59,00 x 44,00 cm

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