Educational Toys

Sapientino Esploramondo Connect 2.0

COD. 11992
  • This unique talking world globe teaches children about geography in a fun interactive way and is always up-to-date!
  • By connecting the optic pen to a PC, you can download brand new content, fascinating information and news about each country.
  • Provides loads of information in 16 subject areas: Continent, Country, Capital, Surface Area, Population, Currency, Language, Region, Terrain, Time Zone, Interesting Facts, Typical Products, National Anthem, Climate, History and Government. Loads of other content and quizzes can be accessed by opening out the globe's base using the handy hatch.
  • With the brand new "Adventure" mode, your child can also discover the wonders of the world and solve entertaining mysteries like a true detective and explorer.
  • More than 500 questions divided into 3 distinct levels, also in English.


  • Logic and observation abilities
  • Usage Of Technological Tools
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Autonomy
  • Memory
  • Foreign Language
  • Manual skills


DIMENSIONS 32,00 x 33,00 x 48,50 cm

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