Clementoni declares that its own Apps are compliant with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule) and with Google’s Designed for Families Programme Requirements.

Does Clementoni collect information?
No. In order to use our Apps, Clementoni does not require you to provide - and Clementoni does not collect - neither personal data (personally identifiable information, i.e. information that allows to identify a user as an individual) nor impersonal data (information which doesn’t allow to identify a user as an individual). 

Are data collected by third parties through our Apps?
No data is collected by third parties through Clementoni’s Apps. 

In-app purchases.
Some Clementoni Apps allow the user to purchase extra contents directly from inside the App (e.g. unlock extra game levels, bonus contents, and the like).  Such in-app purchases are made through Google Play or Apple store.  In order to prevent involuntary purchases, before making any in-app purchase the user will always be asked to provide his Google or Apple ID and password.  These data, and any personal data related to the Google or Apple account, are collected respectively by Google and Apple, and are governed by their own privacy policy.  
Clementoni does not collect any payment data (such as the number of the credit card, the billing name and address, the secret code, and the like). Such payment data are provided by the user while creating an account on Google Play Store or Apple Itunes App Store, and are collected and processed by the third parties providing the payment services (e.g. credit card, Paypal, etc.).
Clementoni is not responsible for the collection, processing and/or disclosure of personal data by third parties, such as Google or Apple, or any providers of payment services. We advise our users to read carefully the privacy policy of Google or Apple before providing the personal data required by those services for making in-app purchases. You can read the respective privacy policy at the following links:

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