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Today's society has become acutely sensitive to all that relates to protecting the environment and safeguarding the earth's resources and numerous companies and institutions are in the process of revising their policies and regulations.

Since we have always believed that play is an intrinsic part of growing up and a vital contribution to the healthy formation of the adults of tomorrow, we have decided to act by promoting and launching products on the market which are 100{}ustainable.

Not just toys and games. The PLAY FOR FUTURE products are a tangible sign of Clementoni's commitment in this sense because our company wants to help shape the new generations and serve as the ambassador of an important message: respect for nature.

A heart-shaped leaf will be visible on all products from the ranges made from completely recycled materials. The very same leaf will be used to drive home a series of positive messages addressed to parents and to be shared with their children. We will be launching fun challenges for kids inside the packs, on social media and the internet to get them to see ordinary routine as an opportunity for actions that are respectful of the world we live in.


Cherish our precious resources

Do not waste! Save our natural resources. We know that the running tap looks like a mini waterfall, but please remember to turn the tap off while you are cleaning your teeth!


Make friends with nature

Take care of nature! Plant new trees and do some gardening, if you can. Remember that even the smallest balcony or a little patio can be turned into your own stately grounds.


Breathe new life into materials destined to become waste

Le cose vecchie non muoiono mai! Dai alle cose una nuova vita e riutilizzale per nuovi scopi. Usa la tua immaginazione oppure gettale nel cestino giusto.


To take care of nature with simple gestures


Did you know that the visibility of the stars is reducing drastically because there are too many lights on in our homes and cities?

Stick this leaf next to the switch and colour in a light bulb every time you remember to switch off the light. When you have coloured them all in, count them so you know how many times you helped the environment by respecting its natural light.


Water is a precious resource, don’t waste it! Did you know that if you turn off the tap while you are brushing your teeth, you can save up to 20 large bottles of water?

Set a 3-minute timer before you start brushing your teeth. Remember to keep the tap turned off while you are brushing. Colour in a heart on the back of the leaf every time you observe the timer and remember to turn off the tap. When the leaf is all coloured in, you will have picked up a good habit and the leaf will be your medal!


Try not to waste water; it is a precious resource! 15 minutes in the shower could use the equivalent of up to 50 large bottles of water!

Before you get in the shower, set a timer and remember: if you don’t finish your shower in a hurry... The environmental alarm will sound! Colour in a heart on the back of the leaf every time you observe the timer; when the leaf is all coloured in you will have picked up a good habit.


Did you know a plastic bottle takes up to 1,000 years to decompose in the ground? Do an experiment to see how long it takes nature to dispose of our waste.

Fill two yoghurt pots with wet soil, then bury a real leaf in the first and a plastic bottle top in the second. Attach the little leaf to the pot in which you placed the real leaf and wait... Only one thing will disappear. Did you guess which?


Has it ever occurred to you that the things you no longer use can be transformed into something else?

Build, cut, stick or paint the items you have at home and imagine a new role for them in your room! The back of a truck can become a new pen pot or a holder for your cards... and then what? Plenty of room for imagination!


Have you ever wondered how many types of leaf there are in the natural world?

Collect the leaves you find on the ground and stick them in a notebook. How many shapes can you count? And how many different edges? Collect the same leaves in different seasons and compare them. What do you notice? Are they the same colour or different colours?


Do you know how long it takes a seed to become a plant?

Take a container, place a slightly moistened cotton wool pad inside and put a dried bean of your choosing on top. Cut out the little leaf and attach it to the container, making a note of the day on which you are doing it. Now remember to moisten the cotton wool every morning. What happens after a few days?


They say that giving a name to things increases their importance.

Why don’t you give a name to your plants too? It will be a little extra gesture for taking good care of them! Attach this little leaf to the pot, so everyone knows who it belongs to and can call it by name.


Plants grow every day just like you, but we never see them move - they always seem completely still!

Observe how the plants you have in your garden or on your balcony grow: take a photo every day and then arrange them in sequence... Do you think they are all growing at the same rate?

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