Educational Toys

Interaktiver Globus mit App

COD. 69492
  • A totally new design for this beautiful talking interactive map of the world with optical reader pen.
  • Children can discover the world and learn about Continents, Countries, Capital Cities, Surface Areas, Populations, Currencies, Languages, Territories, Elevations, Time Differences, Interesting Facts.
  • With more than 500 questions divided into 3 different levels of difficulty to test acquired knowledge.
  • Learning will be captivating thanks to the new design, superior audio quality and more than three hours of informative audio contents, interesting facts and music from all around the world.
  • With the new app available for download, children will be able to live a heightened reality experience.
  • When the map of the world is framed with a tablet or smartphone, the child can see animals, monuments and different cultures.


  • Logic and observation abilities
  • Usage Of Technological Tools
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Reading and Writing
  • Autonomy
  • Memory
  • Creativity and Imagination
  • Manual skills


DIMENSIONS 32,00 x 32,00 x 42,30 cm

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