Scientific Toys

Bunter Schleim

COD. 59172
  • A super-amazing scientific laboratory to experiment with chemistry and create the most brilliant and fun slime ever seen.
  • The kit contains glitter, colourants, fragrances and a rich supply of laboratory instruments to have fun creating slime.
  • The possible creations include scented slime, the ultra-brilliant glittered version, ‘magical’ slime with the colours of the unicorn and the splendid galaxy, pearlescent slime with its ‘galactic’ beauty.
  • The manual explains all phases of the experimentation and guides the child in creating the slime, in a straightforward and comprehensible language.
  • Safe, completely non-toxic and extremely enjoyable, the slime can be manipulated in total safety.


DIMENSIONS 7,00 x 35,00 x 26,00 cm

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