Scientific Toys

Construction Challenge - Segelyacht + Rennboot

COD. 59163
  • A fantastic kit which introduces the little girls to the world of hydrodynamics and naval engineering in a simple and entertaining way!
  • With more than 130 components, to build a sailing yacht and a speedboat, perfect for embarking on an ocean of adventure!
  • The boat's wheels allow you to run alongside as if you were navigating in open water and have fun manoeuvring the sail using the easy pulley system.
  • The illustrated manual guides your children through construction and completion of the yacht and speedboat in a simple and entertaining way.
  • Try building the models using the free app from the Mechanics Laboratory which will guide you step-by-step through assembly using animations and interactive 3D models.


DIMENSIONS 4,50 x 18,80 x 27,60 cm

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