Coding Lab


COD. 52419G
  • Panda_Bit hears the sounds and reacts to the young child’s hands clapping. This amusing puppy robot moves and dances according to the number of times you clap your hands.
  • The young child can also have fun by talking to his/her own Panda_Bit! The friendly little robot records the voice and reproduces it with a robotic effect.
  • The Pet_Bits are all worth being collected! Each robot has its own personality and interacts with the others, using a special call. The Pet_Bits dance and talk to each other with cute sounds.
  • With the free APP, the young child will be able to take the first steps in the world of Coding in an amusing manner which is right for the littlest ones.
  • Interact with your robotic puppy and look after it, giving it food and things that you will win during the game.


DIMENSIONS 7,00 x 13,00 x 18,00 cm
LANGUAGES Französisch,Niederländisch ,Deutsch

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