Growing up is a wonderful game

Clementoni started out to help children learn while having fun, fostering their growth using the language they know best and what comes to them naturally: playing.

History at play

Following a precise strategy, in these years the company pursued continuous product innovation that brought a wide and diversified range of educational toys to life, all conceived, designed and developed in the Recanati headquarters by a team that has grown over the years to include over 50 young researchers. The main Clementoni factory is located in Recanati where about 60% of total production, in number of pieces, is produced and, specifically, all toys with paper and cardboard parts such as Sapientino and puzzles, but also classic building blocks.

The Clementoni range now includes toys for children aged 0 months to 12 years and older, starting from early childhood with the Baby Clementoni, Disney Baby and Clemmy lines; next come the world of pre-school and educational games dominated by the famous Sapientino brand; the Science&Play range scientific games, the ultra-modern tablets Made in Clementoni and mini computers; Art Attack and Crazy Chic creative toys without overlooking the "classics", Recreational toys, Tombole and the highly acclaimed Puzzles. An extraordinarily wide range of toys for all ages that grew up with entire generations of children.

Games designed to help children learn while having fun ...

  • They improve logic and observation abilities
  • They increase memory growth
  • They enhance manual skills and tactile perception
  • They increase knowledge and understanding of the world
  • They foster creativity and imagination
  • The increase hearing perception

Playing is a serious game.

We should never stop playing,

especially when we get older.

Mario Clementoni - company founder
Playing is a serious game →

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